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What is Purple Match Hertfordshire?


Purple Match Hertfordshire is a register of Personal Assistants (PAs) who may be available to support people who pay directly for their support through a Direct Payment they receive from Hertfordshire County Council. Even if you are already a PA, you can enroll with Purple Match to gain access to work when you need it and be given the opportunity to network with other PAs.

Our goal is to connect Direct Payment (DP) Holders and Personal Assistants in Hertfordshire to make it easier for PA’s to access work and ensure the DP Holder can get the care and support they need quickly.

What this person may need support with really varies, for one person it could be personal care within the DP Holder’s own home, for another it could be to take them shopping or go to a football match! Your role as a PA could entail many different tasks and activities or just one or two key things that a DP Holder needs specific support with.

Additionally, by joining the register, a PA goes through an enrollment process which includes checking their right to work, a DBS check as well as finding out their personal values and more. We believe this service provides a step in the right direction to ensure quality Personal Assistants are available to support Direct Payment Holders.

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