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No. Depending on the vacancy available, a Direct Payment Holder may not need support with personal care at all. If personal care is required, it will be advised in the vacancy.  

If you are not willing to complete personal care, you can still enroll as a PA on the register. 

If you are nervous about personal care, there are plenty of training and support opportunities available to build your confidence in this area. Get in touch with us at

You may need public liability insurance if you are self-employed. If you do not have this during the enrollment process, that is ok. If you get a position, the DP Holder will request evidence of public liability insurance if required for the role, and you can obtain this at this point.  

There some great discounts on sites such as Go Compare if you sign up to the Academy via  

Some Direct Payment Holders may hold Employers Insurance if they pay you through a payroll system. 

This is not an enrollment requirement, however, some vacancies may require a PA who can use their own car for business purposes, such as to take a Direct Payment Holder to appointments. If you do not have car business insurance and are not willing to get this level of cover, we will add this information to your PA profile, and you can still enroll.

There are many different hours available. Some PA’s may work between school hours, or just evenings. Other PA’s are only available to do sleepins or waking night shifts. The flexibility depends on you and the needs of the Direct Payment Holder.

Direct Payment Holders usually receive their Direct Payment every 4 weeks. The Direct Payment Holder is likely to pay you monthly, sometimes through a payroll system, however some may choose to pay you directly and this could be weekly. This is something to discuss directly with the Direct Payment Holder.  

It all depends on the Direct Payment Holder and how they are paying you

I’m being paid directly – You are self-employed and should have public liability insurance

I’m being paid by a payroll service, such as Paypacket – You are employed and the employer should hold insurance

If you need any guidance with obtaining insurance contact

No – Purple Match is a register of PA’s but we are not your employer.
If you are ever asked by HMRC for employment details, you will either be self-employed or employed by the DP Holder you support or their next of kin.