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Adult care DP holder information : Funding and training opportunities for PAs

Adult care DP holder information : Funding and training opportunities for PAs

Funded training or funding for training for individual employers and their personal assistants.

Fully funded training available through user led organisations. 

Individual employers and personal assistants funded using adult social care direct payment from their local authority, or their own money (self-funders) can access funded training through local user led organisations.

On behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, Skills for Care has awarded grant funding to 22 organisations so that they can deliver training aimed at personal assistants and their employers, and free for those learners. The training will be available up to the end of March 2024.

Find out more and access the funded training.


Funded essential training.

Fully funded essential training is now available and includes the rapid induction programme, refresher training and a volunteer programme. Employers, including those employing personal assistants (PAs), can select from six endorsed providers who have been awarded grants to deliver the training within this financial year.

Find out how individual employers and personal assistants can access the funded training.


Money for training – individual employer funding. People who employ personal assistants can ask for money to pay for training to develop the knowledge and skills of their personal assistants, and themselves as employers. This opportunity is for people who use a social care direct payment and those that use their own money to employ personal assistants.

To apply for funding you’ll need to complete the application form and send it to

The guidance document explains more about the funding, how to complete the application form and what documents you need to send with your application.

You can ask for assistance to complete the application form, but only you as the employer can agree to the conditions of the grant.

Applications can be submitted at any time between now and 5pm on 15 March 2024.

15 February 2024